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The increasing market dominance of SaaS (Software as a service) empowers customers to make changes instantly as their requirements evolve and for SaaS providers to update their offerings as needed.

When it comes to the development and upkeep of enterprise software, companies are required to weigh many different factors and make numerous decisions in an effort to constantly improve their offering. The question of which areas and features to focus
In the business world, value is often best described not as what products you offer, but the impact your products and services have on your customer’s business.

Getting the most value from your software in 2019 was the theme that delivered on its promise at On November 12th & 13th, more than 200 executives, product managers, licensing and operations managers and industry experts gathered in San Jose, California, to learn how their organizations can successfully conquer disruptive business trends and maximize financial benefits from software offerings.

In part one of our blog series on flexible software packaging, we discussed the clear need for software vendors to offer flexible software packages to their customers, options that are more customer focused and value centric. The old standards of