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CM7: Remote Encryption Management Software

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CM7 (formerly CypherManager) management software provides simple, secure remote encryption management either out-of-band – using a dedicated Ethernet management interface – or in-band, using the encrypted Ethernet port.

Local management using a command line interface is available via a serial console connector.

CM7 provides secure local and remote management of the entire CN and CS encryptor range and also acts as the Certificate Authority in a network of encryptors by signing and distributing X.509 certificates.

CM7 offers the following benefits:

  • Purpose built graphical management tool
  • Secure in-band and out-of-band remote management using SNMPv3
  • Automatically detects and manages every CN/CS encryptor
  • Real-time display
  • Integrated certificate authority


Encryptors that support the same protocol are fully interoperable. For example, locations that have minimal needs may use CS encryptors, which can interoperate with a CN unit at a larger central site under the same CM7 platform.

Local or Centralized Management

Configuration can be performed locally or remotely through the intuitive CM7 management software that also acts as the Certificate Authority in a network of encryptors by signing and distributing X.509 certificates.

Wide-Ranging Encryptor Support

CM7 supports the entire SafeNet High Speed Encryption product family. Download our product family brochures to learn more about these products:

CM7 Remote Encryption Management Specifications:

  • Multiple device management
  • Dedicated management interface (out-of-band) or via the encrypted interface (in-band)
  • SNMPv3 remote management
  • SNMPv2c traps
  • SNMPv1 read only monitoring
  • IPv4 & IPv6 capable
  • Supports Syslog, NTP
  • Alarm, event & audit logs
  • Command line serial interface

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