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SafeNet IDCore Java Cards

Flexible, Trusted Open Platform

IDCore smart cards are flexible platforms that give you the option to combine contact and contactless technologies, so the same card can be used for access to both physical facilities and logical information assets throughout the organization.

No compromise on security

IDCore smart cards using a Java Operating System incorporate advanced microcontrollers with strong security certification. The IDCore Java Card OS was developed by an industry-leading security team that designed it to implement counter measures against various threats, including side channel, invasive, advanced fault, and other types of attacks. The IDCore Java Card OS meets the industry’s most stringent security certifications, such as FIPS 140-2 level 3, and CC EAL5+ / PP Javacard.

Modular and flexible architecture

IDCore solutions are easy and fast to update through an open OS architecture that separates the platform from the application. This partitioning also reduces migration constraints, even after initial card issuance. Compliant applications can be loaded and cards that are compatible with existing ones can be produced quickly. Java Card technology offers fast deployment cycles for application development with rapid prototyping and implementation.

No long and expensive re-masking is necessary; new applets are simply loaded in the Java Card memory. In addition, this technology enables various business models between issuer, application providers and operators, thanks to multiple security domains. IDCore’s virtual machine has been highly optimized to maximize software performance without compromising security. Combined with the latest generation of high performance microcontrollers, it provides one of the fastest Java Open Platforms available.

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