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IDGo 800 Mobile Middleware

Securing people, networks and data

IDGo 800 Mobile is a family of middleware and SDKs that enable enterprises to manage access to physical and network security systems through use of Gemalto IDPrime MD smart cards and Secure Elements on Mobile platforms: including contact and contactless smart cards, MicroSD cards, UICC-SIM cards and embedded Secure Elements (eSE). IDGo 800 Mobile protects against unauthenticated network access and online identity theft. In addition, it supports certificate-based services for strong authentication, digital signature, data encryption, and secure remote access.


A solution for the future

Today, there are more than 10 million Gemalto smart card devices being used around the world. From smart card tokens to badges, to mobile solutions, the demand for smaller, less intrusive security devices is driving development at lightning speed. In the next two to five years, the next generation of handsets BYOD/ mobile desktop will increase needs for Secure Elements and there are a host of possibilities on the horizon. The added value of IDGo 800 Mobile is that this middleware will evolve with the technology. Gemalto will continuously embed new drivers for the future secure elements as soon as they are available (UICC-SIM, MicroSD, TEE, eSE, tokens, etc) and will provide updates as part of the support and maintenance contract.


Available for all platforms

On mobile platforms, IDGo 800 Mobile middleware architecture is rich and includes an OTP-OATH API, a PC-SC API and a range of drivers to interface with a larger range of secure elements and smart card readers. The IDGo 800 Mobile SDK includes 3 different sample applications in native language (Java or Objective C) that show how to implement the libraries.

When interfacing with IDGo 800 Mobile middleware, Gemalto technological partners can easily add the highest security level to their present software-based mobile applications, addressing a larger customer base that needs to protect their data and networks with the well-established PKI and OTP technologies. Organizations such as banks, governments, insurance providers, universities, hospitals, and certificate authorities that have already deployed PKI smart cards need a solution to keep up with the growing mobile trend, while working seamlessly with existing infrastructure.


IDGo 800 Mobile

  • Cryptographic middleware allowing 3rd party applications to easily support PKI, OTP and PC-SC technologies
  • Provides access to Gemalto IDPrime MD smart cards and USB tokens
  • Includes drivers for various communication channels depending on the hardware platform: USB, NFC and specific card readers
  • Supports the most popular USB readers of the market, including PIN pads
  • Easy integration in the main application thanks to the Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • OTP Display application included in the SDK, as well as test tools and sample code
  • Separate .apk application on Android, that can be delivered and installed separately from the main application
  • PIN entry, change PIN, unblock PIN functions managed by the middleware
  • Automatic detection of the secure element and associated reader
  • Option to encrypt the NFC communication
  • Support of Java Cryptographic Extension (JCE) on Android, and OpenSSL and PKCS#11 standards on iOS

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