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SafeNet Minidriver

A Minidriver solution for PKI-based Authentication

Gemalto SafeNet Minidriver SafeNet Minidriver offers lightweight PKI management functionality and is perfect for small to medium size businesses with limited deployments. SafeNet Minidriver provides a simple alternative to developing a legacy cryptographic service provider (CSP) by encapsulating the complex cryptographic operations from the card Minidriver vendor. SafeNet Minidriver presents a consistent interface between Thales PKI authenticators and Microsoft’s Smart Card Base Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) or Crypto Next Generation (CNG) Key Storage Provider (KSP) and to the Smart Card Management Interface.

SafeNet Minidriver is a perfect solution for IT departments who need minimal administrative support and just need a light solution. With SafeNet Minidriver, IT departments can easily manage Thales minidriver-enabled smart cards and eTokens in a Windows environment. Part of the Thales middleware portfolio, SafeNet Minidriver allows for management of Thales' extensive SafeNet portfolio of certificate-based authenticators, including eToken, IDPrime smart cards, USB and software-based devices.

Minidriver Diagram


  • Transparently operates with any standard Microsoft’s Smart Card Based security application
  • Supports secure access, data encryption and digital signing—all with a single authenticator
  • Streamlines security operations by allowing organizations to deploy multiple security applications on a single platform


  • Ensures a perfect integration in the Windows Base CSP / CAPI architecture and benefiting from the Plug & Play service available since Windows 7. Fully compliant with the Microsoft Minidriver v7 specifications, with some additional advanced features such as PIN Policy
  • Strong two-factor authentication for network and data protection
  • Support for Common Criteria and FIPS certified devices
Smaller deployment require a simpler solution

Smaller deployment require a simpler solution

Learn how to manage SafeNet Minidriver-enabled smart cards and tokens

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