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Out-of-the-box Software Protection, Licensing and Entitlement Management System

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Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions
Gemalto is the first and only vendor to offer a complete portfolio of software licensing and entitlement management solutions to enable monetization of any type of software – installed, embedded, or cloud services – using any combination of business models via any sales channel to any end-user device.  Sentinel is the most trusted brand in the software industry for secure, flexible, and future-proof software monetization solutions.

Software Monetization with Sentinel LDK
Introducing Sentinel License Development Kit (LDK) - a complete and comprehensive software monetization solution. Sentinel LDK uniquely pairs Sentinel license enforcement solutions with the Sentinel Entitlement Management System (EMS).  Software publishers appreciate one out-of-the-box solution with award-winning security, licensing flexibility, and ease-of-use features all managed by one licensing operations system. Start monetizing your software in the following ways:


  • Software Copy and IP Protection
  • Flexible Software Catalog Management
  • Consolidate and Automate Licensing Operations
  • End-user License Management Tools
  • Detailed Tracking and Reporting



The Sentinel Design Philosophy


The unique Protect Once, Deliver Many, Evolve Often™ design philosophy of all Sentinel licensing products and services enables complete separation between business and engineering processes. With Sentinel LDK, software publishers are able to maximize product versatility by choosing from the industry’s widest variety of flexible license models and management mechanisms enforcing the terms of their licensing contracts and service agreements.

Sentinel LDK, coupled with Sentinel EMS, provides software publishers with both the technology and the business agility allowing them to design, implement, and manage a licensing system that not only ensures end-user compliance, but also improves business operations company-wide. By optimizing the use of employee time and core competencies, organizations can bring products to market faster and respond to changing market needs in real time.

Protect-Once-Deliver-Many-Evolve-Often™ enables to further improve internal processes by enhancing the following:

  • Business Agility
  • Reduced Cost
  • Business Intelligence 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the target audience for Sentinel LDK? 
This latest release is targeted for software vendors who are currently using previous Sentinel HASP versions wishing to advance to Sentinel LDK, as well as for new customers/prospects. By integrating Sentinel LDK and its centralized Web-based licensing and management system Sentinel EMS, we now provide you with access to all of your license and entitlement functions. In addition, Sentinel LDK provides a variety of data collection and reporting tools that allow you to easily centralize all licensing activities company-wide.

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2. I currently protect and license with Sentinel HASP.  What does it mean to my business to switch to Sentinel LDK? 
For existing customers using Sentinel HASP Business Studio, we are providing the Sentinel LDK Data Migration Tool as part of the SDK (Software Developer's Kit) to migrate data from an existing Sentinel HASP Business Studio Server database (BSS database) to a Sentinel EMS database. In moving to Sentinel LDK, you will not only benefit from a more flexible solution designed to meet your needs today, but you will also gain additional value in the increased level of protection against software piracy and in securing your intellectual property.

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3. Are there any steps I need to take when migrating to Sentinel LDK?
We have prepared a detailed Migration Guide to assist with your move to Sentinel LDK. This guide outlines the process that is easily adaptable to the rate of migration most appropriate for your organization. Over the coming months, you will transition to the new Sentinel HL hardware, which is backwards compatible with your existing Sentinel HASP HL, Hardlock and Sentinel SuperPro implementations. The adoption of the new Sentinel HL keys requires absolutely no change to your current implementation.


*Do I have to change my Sentinel HASP or Hardlock Master Key before I start using the new Sentinel HL keys?

No. You, as the software vendor, are not required to change your Sentinel HASP or Hardlock Master Key, nor will your end users be required to do anything before they can start using the new HL keys.

For a full list of individual keys specification, follow this link.


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4. Am I required to make any changes to my implementation, source code, or libraries before deploying the new Sentinel HL keys? Am I required to make any changes to my implementation, source code or libraries before deploying the new Sentinel HL keys? 

The adoption of the new Sentinel HL keys requires absolutely no change to your current implementation. The new Sentinel HL keys are fully backwards compatible with any Sentinel HASP HL, Hardlock or Sentinel SuperPro implementation, and forward compatible with the company’s next-generation software licensing solution – Sentinel License Development Kit (LDK). Adoption of the new Sentinel HL keys requires absolutely no change to your current implementation. If you are a software vendor using Sentinel HASP, you are not even required to change your Sentinel HASP Master Key.

There are two critical characteristics regarding the new hardware platform:

  • Adoption of the new Sentinel HL keys using your existing Sentinel HASP, Hardlock or Sentinel SuperPro implementation requires absolutely no change to your existing infrastructure.
  • Upgrading to the new feature-rich software licensing capabilities in the future will not require field replacements. Simply update keys remotely when you are ready to gain instant access to all new security, flexibility, and business intelligence features.


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5. Do my end users need to update their driver(s) before they can start using the new Sentinel keys?

No, your end users are not required to do anything before they can use the new HL keys. Those using SL keys can simply update to the latest run-time environment; follow the link.

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6. What makes Sentinel LDK different from previous HASP, SuperPro or Hardlock products? And why should I migrate to Sentinel LDK? Have there been any changes to the ordering process?

The Sentinel LDK integrated software licensing and security solution enables software publishers to grow their business by successfully protecting, packaging, tracking, and managing their portfolios. Through its role-based tools, and by combining hardware and software-based protection into one solution, the Sentinel LDK software protection and licensing system grants decision-makers the flexibility to choose the level of protection and licensing that best fits their business needs today, tomorrow, and beyond. Catalog numbers and the evident form factor change, there have been no changes to your existing ordering process.

Sentinel LDK offers several unique features, among which are license re-host, the all new Sentinel HL, and white-box secure communication channel. The following further enhance security, flexibility, and business intelligence features: 

  • 3-step license re-host is unique offline implementation, empowering the software vendor by providing his end customers the ability to move a software-based (SL) license in three easy steps without having to contact them. This drastically reduces the licensing system support costs to the ISV while providing additional control and enhancing the user experience.
  • Sentinel HL is the next generation platform of Sentinel hardware-based software protection keys. The new keys are offered in a new contemporary design while maintaining full backwards compatibility with your existing Sentinel HASP HL, Hardlock and Sentinel SuperPro implementations.
  • Gemalto is the industry pioneer in using white-box cryptography to further enhance the secure communication channel between the protected application and the hardware-based key.


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7. How does Sentinel LDK protect my intellectual property? 
The Sentinel Envelope is an automatic file wrapper that provides robust intellectual property (IP) protection against software reverse engineering through file encryption, code obfuscation, and system-level anti-debugging. This ensures that algorithms and trade secrets that are embedded in the software are secured against hackers.

To protect data files, the Sentinel Envelope wraps the application, encrypting and controlling access to the software data files so that only authorized users and the hosting software can decrypt and access it. The Sentinel Envelope secures your application by adding a protective shield responsible for binding the application to the Sentinel protection key, encrypting the application file, while managing and tracking the licensing information stored in the key.

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8. What type of business models does Sentinel LDK support? 
Sentinel LDK supports a wide variety of business models for selling and distributing software, including Perpetual, Rental, Subscription, Module-based, Feature-based, Floating Users, Time-based, Execution-based, etc. Sentinel LDK also allows you to define your own unique licensing terms, enabling virtually any sales and distribution model.

In addition, Sentinel LDK enables implementation of Trialware and Super-distribution models, and incorporation of hardware-based protection following trial (KickStart).

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9. What does Sentinel LDK have to offer in terms of software-based protection and licensing?
Sentinel LDK offers an unparalleled solution for vendors requiring software-based protection and licensing. As a means of further enhancing our security and flexibility, we are introducing two modes of operation allowing software vendors to balance licensing agility/flexibility and security.


  • Software vendors have the option of providing a User-Mode software-based license for Windows platforms that does not require the installation of the Run-Time Environment on the end-user’s computer. This approach allows for unmanned installations to take place regardless of the end-user’s administrative rights on the target machine, reducing any delays or additional overhead as they relate to mass deployment.
  • Additionally software vendors can provide their application to be installed requiring full administrator rights in addition to the installation of the Run-Time Environment (RTE). 

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10. What are the immediate benefits of switching to Sentinel LDK?
Switching to Sentinel LDK provides an unprecedented level of security and protection. If you are currently using a homegrown software security and licensing solution, Sentinel LDK will free your development staff from maintaining this system and allow them to concentrate on their core competencies. Additionally, you will not be required to re-visit your source code in order implement new licensing or distribution strategies—giving you greater agility in adapting to changing market requirements. At the same time, you'll be assured of having the best software protection and licensing solution available, and you can count on our experts to continuously maintain and update its effectiveness.

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11. Will I be able to track software usage with Sentinel LDK? 
Sentinel EMS (Entitlement Management System), an integral component of Sentinel LDK, provides a centralized license management interface for employees, customers, and partners with a simple interface to all back office and license generators data collection and reporting features. Additionally, Sentinel EMS provides ISVs with the ability to produce real-time reports to extract valuable business information on activations, orders information, expired licenses, Trialware about to expire, orders per license type, user activity history, product key history, and more. In addition, the built-in dashboard management provides ISVs with various outputs for analyzing how their software is being utilized, the purchasing preferences of their customers, and information for profiling prospects and existing customers. The information can also be tagged based on a variety of predefined categories, allowing for up-sell and to turn trial users into buyers.

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12.What are the immediate benefits of the all new Sentinel HL hardware-based protection keys?
Sentinel LDK, fully integrating the new Sentinel HL hardware-based protection keys, provides state-of-the-art software protection—both for copy protection and for securing your intellectual property. 

The Sentinel HL platform utilizes a highly secure smartcard chip, providing the utmost security against malicious hardware attacks, such as Differential Power Analysis (DPA) and electron microscopy. In addition, the Sentinel HL keys employ a wide variety of standard public cryptographic algorithms, such as AES, ECC, and RSA, ensuring a robust link between the application and the key itself. As part of the overall protection scheme, Sentinel HL keys provide powerful resistance to “man-in-the-middle” and brute force attacks by establishing a secure communication channel between the hardware key and the protected application. 

Additionally, Gemalto is the industry pioneer in using white-box cryptography as part of the secure channel communication. With Gemalto’s white-box cryptography solution, communication between the protected application and the hardware keys is fully encrypted, ensuring that the data passing through the secure channel cannot be replayed.

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13. Where can I find additional information on the new Sentinel LDK?
While the sample and evaluation kits will provide you with everything you need to successfully test and qualify the new keys, we do understand that you or other members of your team may still have some questions. This is why we encourage you to reach out to us directly via your dedicated account manager or our online discussion forums. 

If you have any questions regarding Sentinel LDK and are not sure who to contact, submit this request form and an account manager will contact you shortly.

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How to Order

Ready to start evaluating Sentinel LDK? Please see below the Part Numbers to be used during your order.

Sentinel LDK Starter Kits

SK Part Number Description Kit Content
948-023244-005 Sentinel LDK, SL Starter Kit V7.0 SENTINEL LDK Developer Key
90 Day Trial License
948-023243-005 Sentinel LDK, HL Starter Kit V7.0 SENTINEL LDK Master Key
SENTINEL LDK Developer Key
90 Day Trial License

Sentinel LDK Demo Kit

DK Part Number Description Kit Content
948-023232-005 Sentinel LDK, Demo Kit V7.0

Sentinel HL Max(Mini) Driverless
Sentinel HL Max(Micro)Driverless
Sentinel HL NetTime 250+