ANM Improves Back office Efficiencies with Sentinel LDK-EMS - Case Study

Does your organization have control over their software? Discover how ANM controlled their protected software distribution, increased back-office efficiencies and improved customer satisfaction by implementing Sentinel LDK EMS and also combining Sentinel HL and Sentinel SL keys to allow for licensing flexibility.

Sentinel LDK EMS Powers Flexible On-Premise and On-Demand Licensing of Automotive CAN Tools for Schleißheimer GmbH - Case Study

Schleißheimer GmbH, a developer of hardware and software, implemented Sentinel LDK/EMS to meet customer demand for hardware-based software security keys. Sentinel LDK/EMS enables flexible licensing, strong security, floating licenses, easy online software activation and rae-hosting of licensing to other computers

Inasoft Relies on SafeNet Sentinel for Secure Licensing of its SQL4automation Software and to Reduce Support Costs - Case Study

Is your organizations protection and licensing technology outdated? Discover how Inasoft overcame this challenge with Gemalto Sentinel LDK/EMS with Sentinel HL and Sentinel SL. With quick implementation, it handles licensing for its SQL4automation product, including the SQL4automation connector, debugger, and query tool

Softing Industrial Automation Works with Gemalto Sentinel to Monetize the IoT - Case Study

Struggling to meet customer and market needs? Softing, a leading product and technology supplier was unable to offer software demos, protect trade secrets and enable/disable features, so they implemented Sentinel LDK, Sentinel HL Max and Sentinel SL to maximize ROI protection, have protection keys enforce licensing and more

Siemens Maximizes ROI Using Sentinel - Case Study

Is your organization ready for a software protection and licensing technology upgrade? Sieman Energy Automation upgraded their technology to Sentinel LDK/EMS with Sentinel HL MAX keys with a quick implementation to reduce operating costs, improve customer experience, respond better to market needs and secure intellectual property