COBUS ConCept Assures Revenue, Expands Licensing Flexibility & Reduces Costs with Gemalto Sentinel - Case Study

Gemalto Sentinel Manages Licensing & Packaging Lifecycle for Intelligent Medical Devices and Informatics Software - Case Study

A leading manufacturer of intelligent medical devices and informatics software needed a solution that would allow its internal departments to more easily manage the licensing and packaging of their vast portfolio of hardware equipment and related software for the medical market. The solution was Gemalto Sentinel LDK, which enabled the company to deliver optimum value to its medical customers around the world.

Software Licensing Blueprint & Sentinel EMS Optimize Licensing of Software Driven Medical Devices - Case Study

HERTA Security Protects IP, Encrypts Data and Creates New Revenue Models by Replacing Homegrown Licensing with Gemalto Sentinel - Case Study

Imagine a software technology that could automatically identify individuals that pose a threat to safety and security – by scanning crowds of people on the streets, or in places like airports, stadiums, or train stations. Imagine a marketing world where you could instantly identify a person’s demographics when they walk into your store and then use that data to meet their individual needs and improve service. HERTA software products make all this possible. To replace its homegrown licensing system with a commercial solution that offered strong encryption and more business model and integration flexibility, HERTA chose Gemalto Sentinel and is now reaping the rewards of making the switch.

Gemalto Sentinel Helps Quadrature Create New Revenue Streams and Ensure Competitive Advantage - Case Study

To meet evolving customer expectations for anytime/anywhere software licenses, flexible pricing models, and instant delivery, Quadrature recently chose to deploy a Gemalto Sentinel Software Monetization solution with a newly-released version of its WinPro software. And in doing so, has opened the door to business growth.