Elekta Implements Sentinel RMS to Standardize Licensing Technology and Reduce Costs - Case Study

Learn how Elekta, a medical-technology group used Gemalto’s Sentinel RMS Development Kit to standardize licensing technology for all software products and improve licenses tracking with a variety of models. The development kit allowed for the ability to audit and track licenses, reduce overall development time and more

COBUS ConCept Assures Revenue, Expands Licensing Flexibility & Reduces Costs with Gemalto Sentinel - Case Study

COBUS ConCept, a leading CAD/CAM software vendor switches to Gemalto Sentinel to protect its software code and provide its customers with an alternative to physical dongles. The move to Gemalto Sentinel provides a single solution for managing software- and hardware-based protection keys and also offers cloud-connected licensing.

Gemalto Sentinel Manages Licensing & Packaging Lifecycle for Intelligent Medical Devices and Informatics Software - Case Study

Is your organization managing multiple hardware devices at high costs with an outdated licensing system? Discover how a leading manufacturer of intelligent medical devices solved this problem with Sentinel LDK and professional services for better security, increased flexibility, low maintenance and operational costs and more

Software Licensing Blueprint & Sentinel EMS Optimize Licensing of Software Driven Medical Devices - Case Study

This leading medical device company uses Gemalto Sentinel RMS license management system and Gemalto Professional Services to effectively protect, control features and enforce licensing of hardware products. Sentinel RMS improves customer experience and further tightens the integration of licensing into back office systems

HERTA Security Protects IP, Encrypts Data and Creates New Revenue Models by Replacing Homegrown Licensing with Gemalto Sentinel - Case Study

Imagine a software technology that could automatically identify individuals that pose a threat to safety and security – by scanning crowds of people on the streets, or in places like airports, stadiums, or train stations. Imagine a marketing world where you could instantly identify a person’s demographics when they walk into your store and then use that data to meet their individual needs and improve service. HERTA software products make all this possible. To replace its homegrown licensing system with a commercial solution that offered strong encryption and more business model and integration flexibility, HERTA chose Gemalto Sentinel and is now reaping the rewards of making the switch.