Sentinel HASP Helps Objectif Lune Expand its 'PrintShop Mail' Software Business and Secure a Piece of the Lucrative SMB Market

Based in Montreal, Canada, Objectif Lune B.V. specializes in variable data printing operations, offering a full range of professional services including software integration, document design and custom development. To protect its software against piracy, reach into new markets and enable flexible sales models, Objectif Lune relies on SafeNet Sentinel HASP HL & SL.

PCB Libraries, Inc. Restores Profits for its Leading Land Pattern Analysis and Design Software with Sentinel HASP Secure Licensing

PCB Libraries, Inc. is the developer of the #1 Land Pattern Calculator and library generator software tool in the printed circuit board industry. SafeNet’s Sentinel HASP HL secures PCB Libraries software, without causing additional stress to the customer.

Sentinel HASP Security and Licensing Helps Map the World at Skyline Software Systems, Inc.

In order to protect their valuable 3D visualization software, Skyline Software Systems, Inc. calls on the experience and robust security of Sentinel HASP HL.

Sentinel HASP Protects TAISA High-Value Preventative Maintenance Software from Piracy and Illegal Use while Significantly Boosting Sales.

TAISA is able to protect their high-value preventative maintenance software and satisfy their customers by utilizing the flexibility and protection available with Sentinel HASP HL.

INEA Looks to Sentinel HASP SL to Protect its KIBERnet Systems within Virtualized Environments - Case Study

When their homegrown system could not scale to protect their software, INEA moved to software-based licensing, Gemalto's Sentinel HASP SL.