Webinar - Navigating the Cloud

"Navigating the Cloud” is a series of webinars to help software publishers combat the challenges associated with delivering software applications as a service in the cloud. Co-presented by Forrester, IDC, SafeNet and Saugatuck Technology, the webcast series educates software publishers on best practices for software monetization in the cloud, including service catalog definition and management, usage authorization and metering, business process optimization, and more.

Webinar - Driving incremental revenue by leveraging cloud technologies

This webinar discusses how using cloud technologies to collect data to enable multiple business models can in turn drive product insight, investment decisions and create more attractive packages.

Webinar - How Can Entitlement Management Benefit Your Organization?

For software vendors, the ability to manage all of their licensing and entitlement activities using one centralized tool is a big advantage. An entitlement management system can automate various business operations and provide business insight if utilized correctly.

Webinar - Getting Your Licensing Project off the Ground

Having a clear strategic vision not only helps you implement a licensing and enforcement solution, it makes optimization that much easier. It is recommended that you periodically evaluate your strategy and make adjustments as needed. By taking a proactive approach, you can avoid the pitfalls, unexpected problems, and project delays that may arise.

Webinar - Software Licensing in an Embedded World

Gemalto’s partnership with NI means that it’s now possible to embed Sentinel licensing – and enable multiple functionalities – directly within the LabVIEW environment. Not only do Sentinel solutions support the widest range of business models in the industry, they also allow you to control every aspect of the licensing lifecycle on the fly, so you can stay up to date with the latest market trends. Available in a variety of form factors to suit every configuration, Sentinel license keys are crucial to your success in connected environments such as the IoT.