Webinar - From Shipping Boxes to Delivering Software-Driven Value to Customers

Gemalto’s second Ask the Experts session of the year, featuring Amy Konary, Research VP of Software Licensing and Provisioning at IDC, and Mark Seery, Sr. Director, Strategy and Corp Development at Juniper Networks. This live webinar looks at how cloud and virtualization are expediting the adoption of software business models and what this means for intelligent device vendors and software providers.

Webinar - Pay-Per-Use Disrupts Traditional Medical Equipment Sales Model

This live webinar looks at how the high cost of medical equipment, shorter replacement cycles, and the need to keep capital expenditure low has led to a rise in adoption of flexible usage-based business models within the medical industry.

Webinar [Frost & Sullivan] Get Connected To Profit: Embracing Software Propels Growth in IoT Era

Did you know that three in four software publishers are already offering usage-based pricing options or are committed to doing so in the future? It’s true. The rise of the cloud and Software as a Service has led to an industry-wide transition from perpetual licenses to subscription-based billing.

Webinar - Subscriptions are Eating Software

Are you ready to tap into the $130 billion software subscription market? In an essay published in The Wall Street Journal, Marc Andreesen famously described the future of technology industry stating that “software is eating the world.” IDC recently published its software and licensing predictions for 2016. The number one prediction is: Software subscription revenue will continue its rapid growth trajectory to reach $130 billion in 2016, a 21 percent increase over 2015.

Webinar - What is Servitization in Manufacturing and Why Should Manufacturers Care?

This live webinar looks at how ‘servitization’ – the shift from manufacturer to service provider – is completely redefining the traditional manufacturing business model.