Webinar - Software Licensing Workshops - Professional Consulting Services

Webinar - Software Migration: Moving On-Premise Business to the Cloud (LDIITC Webinar Series)

Webinar - The Path to SaaS Profitability

Learn how to achieve software monetization in the cloud.

Webinar - Making the Transition from on-premise to on-demand feat Saugatuck (Journey Into the Cloud)

This webcast, presented by Saugatuck's Mike West and SafeNet's Todd Steel, gives greater insight into the transition from On-Premise to On-Demand.

Webinar - Software Protection Best Practices - Deepening the Secure Bond between the Hardware Key and Your Application

In Q1 we reviewed the use of Sentinel APIs to integrate protection with minimal code interference, in Q2 we discussed streamlining your back office management and automating business processes, and I would like to now invite you to our Q3 session - to hear how Sentinel Envelope offers an even greater level of protection with our newly launched feature, AppOnChip.