White Paper - Understanding the Challenges Platform Virtualization

Understanding the Challenges of Platform Virtualization Whitepaper 1 Virtualization – Anxiety vs. Opportunity Virtualization, a multi-facet technology with many applications, mostly common in the testing and R&D arenas, has been around for many years; however, in todays economic environment, is becoming more and more p

White Paper - Licensing for SaaS Applications - IDC Vendor Spotlight - January 2012

The software industry is undergoing a fundamental shift in how applications are delivered and maintained. Licensed on-premise solutions are giving way to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

Understanding White Box Cryptography - White Paper

IDC Technology Spotlight - Software Monetization: Meeting Customer & Business Needs in a Changing Market

As software use and delivery continue to evolve, so does the need for software vendors to monetize their offerings in a way that meets their own business goals and customer needs. This Technology Spotlight describes how software monetization models are changing and the ways in which software providers will need to adapt in order to support new monetization approaches. In addition, this document describes the products and services from SafeNet that help support various software monetization models, and it offers advice for software vendors looking for ways to monetize their product offerings.

White Paper - The Four Cornerstones of a Comprehensive Software Monetization Strategy

This paper focuses on how software publishers can transform their software monetization strategies by evolving their approach to licensing, entitlement management, and customer enablement in order to optimize the profitability of their software.